Atlanta Amateur Hockey League

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Open League:

The Open League plays two 20 game seasons a year usually starting in early Spring and early Fall. All new players to the league must attend a league sponsored on ice evaluation before being allowed to play so we can place you in the proper division to be drafted. Again, everyone new to our league MUST attend an evaluation to determine your skill level before we can place you on a team. We do not allow subs or part time players. If you are new to the league and want to play after the start of a particular season, please send your info to: to be placed on the waiting/contact list. Depending upon availibilty and need, we sometimes have a mid-season eval to fill open roster spots. Sometimes we have one and sometimes we do not. It depends on the availibility of open roster spots.

Summer Registration is now Closed

The next season will start in mid to late October

**** ALL new players to our league MUST ATTEND to be placed on the draft list. If you cannot make this eval date, then you will not be allowed to play until you are evaled. Sometimes we have a mid season eval and sometimes we do not. If not, you will have to wait until the following season. It simply depends on open roster spots that open up during the year.

Evaluations are not try-outs. The evals are simply our way of judging your talent level so we can place you into the proper division to be drafted. They will consist of an hour of skating and puck handling drills with the last :45 minutes or so being a full scrimmage. Full gear is required. We try to place everyone who signs up.


Contact with any questions.