Atlanta Amateur Hockey League

League Composition:

We have four different leagues under our domain:

Open League

The open league is divided into eight divisions according to skill:

Team Composition

All teams must carry a minimum of 16 players (15 skaters and 1 goalie) up to a maximum of 18. Prior to the start of the new season, captains can sign-up any skater (with the skater's consent) to their team without regard to previous team association or league experience. All players must be registered with the AAHL.

Summer or Winter Season

The season consists of 20 regular season games and playoffs to the top four finishers in each division. The playoff champions receive individual and team trophies. If the divisional VP deems it necessary, the champion of each division will move up to the next higher division in the following season and draft first while the last place team will move down a division and draft last. The league will maintain and post statistics and standings for each division on a regular basis.

Pre-Registration: The AAHL encourages all new members to pre-register and attend the tryouts for the coming ice hockey season. Click HERE for registration information. We cannot gaurantee all players will be drafted, but we will make every effort to place all pre-registered players.

Prior to the start of each season, the league will hold an evaluation for new members. The eval will consist of drills and a scrimmage. New members participating in the evals should bring full gear. A helmet with a face shield is required. All new players to the league MUST attend.

Click HERE to see the AAHL calendar. Please plan to arrive early to sign in. New members participating in the tryouts are required to register that day if they havent pre-registered. The tryouts consist of drills and a scrimmage. New members must attend the tryout.

Required Equipment for Eval: Players are required to wear helmets with face shields during the tryout. Full gear is recommended as there will be a scrimmage.


Captains in the various divisions rate the members attending the tryout based on their skills. Based on the rating, the player will be placed in his/her respective division's draft. If a player is not drafted by the division he has been rated, the player will then be eligible for the next lower division at the league’s discretion. Existing AAHL members or new members not attending the tryout who wish to enter the draft will be placed in the appropriate division based on prior experience. Players not drafted will have their dues refunded.


All games are 1.75 hours long, including time for warm-ups. Games consist of a five (5) minute warm-up, and three twenty (25) minute periods of running time with two (2) minutes between each period to change ends. The ice will be resurfaced before each game. The final 5 minutes of the third period will be stop time. Each team will have one (1), sixty (60) second time-out. Games ending in a tie will be followed by a five (5) skater shoot-out. The winning team will receive two (2) points and the shoot-out loser one (1) point. Games still tied after each team has attempted five (5) penalty shots will be determined a tie with each team receiving one (1) point. Most games start after 8:00 p.m during the week. On Sunday, games are all day starting at 9:00 a.m.

This league plays on all days of the week except Monday and Fridays. There are no set days that each division plays on. One week you could play on a Sunday, and then the following Tuesday and then not again until the following Wednesday. We play all day long Sunday, Sat afternoons into the late evening and during the week starting between 8:30 until 11:00pm start times.

The league will provide the scorekeepers with official rosters for each team. At each game, the captain or a team representative will provide the scorekeeper with a list of skaters in attendance. The scorekeeper will compare this list to the official roster. Skaters not appearing on the official roster will not be allowed to skate.

35-and-Over League

The AAHL 35-and-Over league has been a great success since beginning play in September 1999. This league is a supplemental league, meaning you must play in the Open League to be eligble to play in the Over 35 League. The object of this league will be to keep in shape and promote sportsmanship at all levels. There are four levels - Elite, Upper, Middle, and Lower Over 35, - based on skill level. Teams in Elite will be made up of 14-16 players and a goalie, while the Upper, Middle and Lower leagues carry 13 skaters and a goalie. The games will be Monday evenings at reasonable times, and consist of (3) 20 minute run time periods for Elite and (3) 15 minute run time periods for Upper, Middle and Lower. Ties will be decided by a three minute overtime period consisting of only 4 players per team on the ice. This overtime will be a sudden death overtime, while adding a little excitement over the standard sudden death overtime format. The league will consist of two (2) 20- game seasons for Elite and three (3) 12-game seasons for Upper, Middle and Lower per year. These leagues feature single elimination playoffs.

**See Contacts page for appointed coordinators

Recreational League

The Recreational League differs from the AAHL Open League in several ways. The make up of teams in this league is not skill based, rather, all teams are evenly assigned approximately the same number of novice and intermediate players. This league is more of a light hearted, fun approach to hockey. It is a great way for intermediate players to fine tune their basic skills, get some exercise, and help novice players learn the game. Novices will feel comfortable playing in this league because of its low pressure atmosphere and the added benefit of playing with & learning from more experienced players. The Rec League has (3) 12 game seasons. An additional difference in the Rec League is that no team is assigned a goalie, goalies are given a rotating schedule at the start of the season. Any league member who is interested in more than one league is welcome to, but, please be aware that you may miss games that overlap, no matter how hard we try to prevent that. No refunds will be given for missed games for any reason.

**Contact Chris Swanson for further information:

Center Ice Beginner League

This league is ideally for those with beginner to basic skills and is a starter league to encourage those newer to hockey to eventually migrate into the Open Leagues of AAHL.  The Center Ice Beginner League is being played at 7:30pm on Monday, Tuesday or Thursday nights exclusively at Center Ice in Sandy Springs.  Each season there will be a new draft to help regulate teams and fairness as new players come and go.  The league is $275 with only eleven players for each of the six teams for a 12 game season with top four getting a playoff round and a championship.

**Contact Susan Ahn for further information:


Refunds are given (in the Open League only) for injury, job transfer, or at the discretion of the Board of Directors, based on dues paid by a replacement player. For the Open League, no refunds are given when your team has 5 games or less remaining, and there are no refunds in Over 35 or Rec league. Administrative, insurance fees, new member fees, and banking fees are not refundable.